I started this business in 1988 shortly after college with the intent of getting to design logos and challenge myself. Choosing to partner with companies of all sizes to meet their needs graphically. This continues to drive my business philosophy, pleasing clients big and small. Any project can be as fun or exciting as you make it. From designing a restaurant interior, to a whole new business identity or even a simple t-shirt design. The sketching of new ideas, sifting through font sites to find the perfect font it's the thrill of the hunt so to speak. Even refreshing a current logo to to bring it new life. That is why I do this, it a passion. 


What is Hanson Designs

Hanson Designs is a graphic design and illustration studio specializing in the development of projects for branding, print, and advertising for 30+ years.
We can manage projects from concept to completion according to client specifications. We have developed brand identities, created environmental designs, painted murals and created illustrations for a wide variety of clients.

Specialties Logo development and branding. Creative layout and design. Icon creation and development. Several illustration styles and hand type creation. We have extensive experience with photo art direction, guiding stylists and photographers. Fluent with Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator)

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